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Virtual Campus Tours

Campus Virtual Tour

Some of the processes associated with running an academic institution successfully have to do with drawing in more prospective students or parents of those students. And while one-on-one impersonal tours can certainly be very effective, there are only so many benefits you can offer to prospective customers who are physically present on your campus.

Today, nearly all colleges, schools and universities have a dynamic online presence which they must maintain in order to stay competitive. In fact, active social media channels and highly interactive websites have become a mainstay, which is particularly helpful to prospective students looking to join the academic institution from another city or country altogether.

When it comes to ‘enriching’ your online presence, virtual campus walkthroughs are an undeniably valuable tool which you can integrate with your website to offer prospective students a unique campus experience before they join.

Just two years ago, a report revealed that well over 60,000 people used virtual campus tours to check out their desired university or school before making the decision to enrol in that respective institution.

College Campus Virtual Tours a Must-have for Your Website

Take Your Campus to Your Prospect

Every parent will carefully consider sending their child to a university because it is, after all, a major investment. And when they send their child to a freshman class, they probably won’t get to see him/her for the next 4 years or so.

By offering prospects a self-paced interactive virtual tour of your campus, you can help them visualise what it’s like for their child to be a part of the campus life.

Highlight Key Campus Venues and/or Activities

Academics is certainly the most critical factor that people consider when choosing a university campus – however, campus life isn’t too far behind in terms of importance.

When students or their parents are choosing between different colleges, they are also curious to know what activities there are to engage in when study time is over. Virtual tours are a great opportunity to give prospects detailed walkthroughs of campus venues like recreation centres, student lounges, libraries, coffee shops – or any place where students may socialise and share their moments of enlightenment.

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Provide Critical, Need-to-know Information

Has your academic facility reached any milestones as of late? Are there any noteworthy statistics you wish to bring to your prospect’s attention that may aid them in making a decision?

The thing is when facts, stats and figures are listed on a campus’s website, many a times they go unnoticed by potential students or even parents – who typically love reading about a school’s statistics and achievements.

Virtual tours can be really useful because, for one, they offer something that’s visual and interactive. And second, specific milestones such as sports records can be mentioned in the athletic section of the tour – while achievements of the best-performing students in extracurricular activities may be mentioned in the clubs and activities section – to bring key highlights to parents’ attention.

The university application process can be complicated and quite in-depth at times – you can easily use a virtual tour to help students from start to finish.

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